The lovely mangoes and monsoon rains , a reason enough to smile in hot summers in india ; enjoying nature's bounties in the lap of mother earth below blue skies and being able to enjoy all this love is my feeling of being blessed by God . Sitting with a smile with the same feeling of ' i knew it !'..Coinciding with summer solistice of 2011 , three year tete-a-tete with yahoo people comes to a glorious end , leaving me feeling more assured of my intution whenever it has occured to me .

Coming from a person who has been close to understanding the spiritual essence , one might label it as a sense gratification to indulge in the comfort that nature provides . Still the hot summers make you feel weary in a short span of time and the rains are elixir of life ! the rainy season inspired many a poets of all genres to describe its beauty in most delicate and yet exquisite words.

And this comforting silence makes the voices within me more louder , shhhh.... trying to hear them what they say ...

Certain excellent things i have learnt in past 6 years of seclusion is : Trust your INTUTION , that small faint voice in your heart and head that says something to u . Whenever something is not right and you just cant clearly pin point whats wrong ,and that faint voice says something , listen to it , dont shut it inside !!!

ITS THIS VOICE , you will be happy if you learn to listen to it , you will always be thankful ,it can happen in any situation , taking one way or the other while being lost in traffic on road or while being lost in the traffic of your thoughts or while taking any major decisions of your life , learn to hear that faint voice ..

Strong samskaras of dharma play a significant role in forming correct intution and hence guiding from within . Here , dont confuse "dharma" with several " religions and sects " , "following certain rituals " etc . Dharma means in context of vipassna meditation posts i have posted below . It means universal truths in perfect rhythm ,harmony and balance with nature .

It is a curse to the person himself and others and whole humanity infact, if a person has knowledge of material creation and is wealthy coz of his heritage or lineage or efforts but is not a dharma follower! Who would disagree with me seeing the levels of corruption( moral , intellectual and financial) and anti-human and anti-life activities going on in our present environs. The true dharma guides one towards his or her destiny otherwise one will never know how to optimise one's resources of time , energy and wealth and knowledge in a worthy manner .

In this competitive environment , most are trained by our present education to serve our needs and replenish our greed usually and to live out an animal existence pursuing survival instinct and sense pleasures as an end in itself , unless some good karma bestows one with wisdom and dharma , a possession of lucky few , and prods them to use their gifts guided by dharma in every breath and moment of their existence , speech and deeds .

The current blog of mine is an effort in this direction to let as many people gain the benefit of dharma as possible and live a happy life ever with peace , stability , and luminosity and a sense of purpose throughout their existence .

May all beings be happy and liberated !

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